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The Lunch Box is a creative photography studio that combines the aesthetic and artistic value with the commercial approach to deliver completely edgy, unique, wonderful and highly crafted photographs. How do we do that? Simply because we are two visual artists that merge all our experience in photography, fine arts, filmmaking, advertising and music to serve you and your photography needs. If you are looking for creativity + personal dedication + a trend-setting approach, keep reading!


After more than 10 years of experience in taking photographs, we believe that the final look is as important as what a picture can make you feel, whether is from an image of the cover of a high-fashion magazine or a music album, a hand-made necklace, a candid moment between a mother and her child or an amusing picture behind-the-scenes. This is why we give huge importance to listen to our clients, in order to capture that special message they want to transmit or that they are even feeling in the moment of the shoot.


Regardless of the photography service you choose from us, keep in mind that with The Lunch Box you will have a space to make it your own; simply because our philosophy is that clients themselves set up their own packages, so they can get exactly what they need. You just need to take a break and enjoy, because we have all the skill and enthusiasm to beautify your craves beyond your expectations. Be sure we take a different approach in everything we do!


The studio as well offers additional services like: 1) writting services for content development for websites, brochures, presentations, translations, 2) non-fictional videos (corporate, documentaries) and 3) photography classes.

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