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Please contact us for information about our rates.


Our photography estimates are based on the amount of final digital pictures you want to acquire according to your needs (for example, a model portfolio of 5 final pictures, 10, or 20). As well, quantity of people participating in the shoot and the complexity of the project (commercial) play a role at the time of determining an estimate.

If you are interested in our event coverages, we have specific packages for Bris, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, etc. Please remember we only work during daytime, therefore Weddings or Birthday parties at night are not available.


A great advantage about our photography is that the pictures are YOURS! And you don't depend on us for printing or sharing them with your family and friends. At the end of the process, we send your own selection to you, full resolution and ready to download! :). As well, we offer the full professional printing service at our studio, if you want to do it with us.


To receive a quote, contact us via or call us to (954) 6463928. We will be happy to assist you in ordering your unique lunch box!

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