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Elaine Minionis


Elaine was born in Venezuela, in 1980, where she received her undergraduate degree in Literature, a program that also involved the study of Philosophy and History of Art. In parallel, her interests for documentary photography and filmmaking was being developed through many independent courses taken since 2000 in Venezuela and in the University of the Arts in London, allowing her to work, exhibit and publish her documentary photographs several times. At the same time, she started to work along with artist/photographer Rodolfo Vanmarcke in numerous photoshoots for covers of fashion magazines, editorials, music bands and other creative and commercial projects. In 2006, she worked on a 20th Century Fox production: “Elipsis”, as the advertising, making-of and still photographer; a movie that allowed her to photograph the most important talents from Venezuela.


In 2008, she moved to the US to study Documentary Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, where non-fiction visual storytelling became her artistic and intellectual space to explore the humane by combining creative writing and deep research, with her instinctive motivation for visual aesthetics and photography. After finishing her studies, she worked at the Brooklyn-based production company Flicker Flacker Films, as the assistant editor for a History Channel feature-length documentary "The Naturalized"; having the opportunity to work for the important Emmy-winner documentarian Aaron Lubarsky. She then moved to Miami to work at Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanics in the Original Production & Development Department, where she had the opportunity to participate in important audiovisual projects. Then, in 2011, Elaine & Rodolfo founded The Lunch Box Studio.


Elaine is also dedicated to professional creative writing, developing commercial content for websites, brochures, presentations, as well as scriptwritting and filmmaking for non-fictional audiovisual projects like corporate videos and documentaries.


For her personal website, visit

Rodolfo Vanmarcke

Rodolfo was born in Venezuela, in 1976, where he graduated as a Publicist in 2003. However, he has dedicated most of his career to the art of photography; going from high fashion magazine covers to fine art conceptual photography, becoming an integral visual artist both acknowledged in his country of origin and around the world.


In the commercial branch, Rodolfo has photographed dozens of fashion covers and editorials for magazines, talent portfolios and music bands. As well, he has photographed the most important Venezuelan writers for the recognized publishing houses Alfa and Alfaguara, and has participated as still-photographer of several shorts and theater plays.


In the artistic branch, he has developed profound photographic series that fully grasp the attention of viewers, not only in meaning and style, but in his inquisitive technique. Rodolfo has an exhaustive list of galleries where he had shown his artwork both in collective and solo exhibitions. Some examples include his participation in the "Miami International Art Fair 2013" (SeaFair) with Irreversible Art Project in Miami, the "61st Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition" at the Boca Raton Museum of Art  (state-level competition), the renowned One Hour Photo at the American University Museum in Washington, DC, "The Deceptive Eye 2010" at Curator’s Voice Art Project in Miami and the "XIV Shanghai Art Fair". Some other shows include the prestigious "XXXIII and XXXIV Salón Nacional de Arte Aragua" in the Contemporary Art Museum of Maracay, the solo exhibition "Modern Solitudes" at ArtDealerMiami in Miami Beach and the "12th Exhibition of Latin American and Caribbean Art", organized by the Museum of the Americas in Florida, where he was awarded the title “Best in Show”. And the list goes on. He has also been featured in international art magazines from Australia, Mexico, USA, UK, Spain, Turkey and Rumania. To see his artwork, please visit


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