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Event decor photography (weddings, bris, special events, etc.)

Why this branch of specialized photography for floral creations and special events decor? There are so many aspects photographers need to take care of when photographing an event/wedding decoration. Unfortunately, many don't understand how to highlight details creatively, and at the same time, respect and capture the beautiful light that dances all around the setting that florists, with much patience and effort, brought to life.


We realized about this lack of high-quality images when we were looking at the website galleries when searching for a florist for our own wedding. We were amazed at how design artistry was ruined by bad photographs, and instead of beauty impacting us instantly as potential clients, we ended up having to interpret beauty where we assumed existed. "How unfair!", we thought. We found many flashy images, unflattering colors and boring angles.


In response to that evident need in the floral industry, we decided to do research and employ all our years of experience in outdoors and studio photography, as well as in documentary photography, and devote an specialized area oriented to floral and event companies. We truly know how to achieve splendor & technique in such a crucial aspect of any celebration: the decor... Because your clients deserve it, and your company too!

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