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The Lunch Box Studio is not only about photography. It is, actually, many more things.


The photographers at the studio offer a very useful and friendly photography course named: "Photography for parents & grandparents". This 4-hours theory course aims to teach parents and grandparents the basics of photography, especially when it has to do with the little ones: from getting to know your equipment, to fundamentals of composition and tips when photographing children.

Cost: $250 per person

Additional person: $50

Maximum group: 3 (meaning that if you gather a group of 3, each ends of paying only $115!)

Guide included

At your house or in our studio

(Coffee & cookies included! :D)


The team also offers a traditional photography course. If it happens you want to learn anything in particular about photography, the photographers can always develop a personalized course just for you at no extra cost. For more information, please send us an email to



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