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Ok! So this is how it goes :).


1- After you contact us, we send you via email the estimate based on your needs, along with a personal letter with tips and important information about your specific session (ex. clothes, colors, props, etc). Our estimates are always based on final fully retouched digital images that you want (example: package of 10 pictures, 20 pictures, 30 pictures, etc) + amount of people in the shoot (it's not the same a 4 people photo shoot than a 17 one!)

2- You say: "Yes!" (hopefully!)

3- We do a 1/2 hour brainstorm (or whatever is needed!) over the phone, to fully conceive your custom-made photoshoot. Regardless if it's family, fashion, product, etc, we are NEVER generic but always PERSONAL when it comes to our clients' pictures. It's about what YOU want and how we can represent your story, your spirit, your needs.

4- We reserve your date and time.

5- We meet at the location of your photoshoot (outdoors, indoors, home, venue).

6- We do the magic & you have fun!

7- You pay us right after the shoot (preferably check or Venmo).

8- If it's NOT an event, after a month, we send you a gallery of photos online, low resolution and password protected, with a big selection of unretouched pictures. There is a rush fee (optional) if you want to have the first part before that timeframe. We usually divide the gallery into 2 sections: 1) Some samples of retouches so you can imagine how the finals can look, 2) the rest of the session. Of course, you have the last word and it's your choice, not ours! If it's an event, you will receive all the material, high-res and with color filter + some black and whites.

9- After reading the easy instructions we sent you in the email, you choose your amount of pictures according to your originally chosen package. If it happens you want more photos than what you firstly paid, no prob! Just choose them and we'll charge them separately.

10- We receive your selection, we retouch them fully (skin, filters, leaks, texts, frames, etc... totally our style) and we upload them again to a new gallery. Clients' always receive more pictures than what they bought, because we actually create multiple versions of every image you choose, so we can make sure we offer you different looks for your personal use (vintage, natural, b&w, etc).

11- We send you a link to download it all in the comfort of your home, and we can also give you a CD (upon request).

THE PHOTOS ARE YOURS! You don't depend on us to print them or send them to your friends and family! :). Though...

12- Professional printing options are offered a la carte and are available in our studio: standard or customized prints, albums, canvas, metal prints, plexiglass, or any other printing/mounting option. Just ask us and we'll make it possible! :)

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