"This is not about The Lunch Box Studio but about Rodo and Elaine. A magical couple with an amazing talent, enthusiasm and courage to explore new ideas. They seem to come from a world of their own and invite you to visit, but what they really want is to visit yours. In the words from that Pink Floyd song, with "amazing powers of observation" they manage to create a brilliant vision of its subjects essence. Thank you guys, it was really worth it."

.- Jose Margulis, creator of "M2X Industrial Design Shop"



"TLB is an extremely talented group that create the most magical moments to photograph. They are truly unique; there is no way you can take ideas from their portfolio and recreate them with another photographer and they themselves tailor each picture for each client, so there is also no way you'll have the same picture as anyone else. Since you contact them for a photoshoot they will work for you to plan your custom made session with your own ideas, toys, sceneries so they make sure that the product is everything you dreamed for, even though you thought that you were not creative because your ideas were too ridiculous. They have no second thoughts about getting dirty or wet for a picture. They were very knowledgable of the different areas of the location and the time of the day that was better for each location (this is important, for my wedding I ended up with a million pictures in front a statue that I hate, because the photographer didn't know the location beforehand and didn't ask me my tastes). During the photoshoot they make sure to make you feel your best and boost your confidence, and you feel very organic and comfortable. You really feel that you are giving your best face for these pictures. They didn't make it feel as business but as just a time to have fun and to experiment with different daring setups for the pictures. They didn't give us a specific number of hours for the photoshoot, so it didn't feel rushed at all. They told us that the whole day was just for us (and that's how they always do it), so we were just very relaxed in the pictures. The finished material was just stunning and perfect. They really give you high quality pictures with all the little details being taken care of and in all the different styles that you can think of. It was obvious that they are really perfectionists. Kind, sweet and very talented professionals. I would recommend them 200%."

.- Sharon Mizrahi


"Lo que define a esta pareja es CALIDAD HUMANA, no van a conseguir a nadie en el mercado que este mas interesados en realizar un trabajo que demuestre realmente lo que su familia representa. Su trabajo es impecable y se enfocan en dar lo mejor de ellos en cada momento que estan contigo; hasta que tanto ellos como tu no esten satisfechos con el trabajo, no pararan de tomar fotos. Son super responsables, puntuales,  emocionales, detallistas, amables, comprensivos y adorables! No hay que pensarlo dos veces para perpetuar en el tiempo los mejores momentos de sus vidas."

.- Adriana Forelle



"Our experience with The Lunch Box Studio was simply amazing. Wedding pictures were due and I was dreading the day, my wife on the other hand as happy as she could be. We showed up at The Lunch Box and my feelings were turned downside up! We had a great time and thanks to The Lunch Box, we have great pictures for the rest of our lives. They truly make a common photo shoot a unique one. We couldn't thank them enough!"

.- Marc Furmanski



"The Lunch Box es simplemente espectacular!!! Su profesionalismo y dedicacion hacen que su lente capture los mejores momentos! Nuestro hogar esta decorado exclusivamente con todas las fotos de las dos sesiones que hemos tenido con los queridos Elaine y Rodolfo, y esperamos vengan muchas mas para seguir llenando nuestras paredes con su arte!!! Gracias, son ejemplo de que cuando se ama lo que se hace, el resultado son clientes muy felices ;)!!!"

.- Familia Quintana



"Quiero agradecerles por la ultima sesion de fotos para realizar el marketing de mi consultorio dental. No hay palabras para expresar el inmenso feedback positivo que he recibido gracias a sus fotos... no sabia el poder que una buena foto podia tener en mi trabajo. Fue increible, sencillo, fluido, y lo mejor fue lo rapido que pude tener mis fotos. Gracias... gracias por siempre estar alli... de modelo... para mi bebe... para la promocion del dia del padre, y definitivamente este fue para mi el trabajo que "derramo la copa". Espero poder contar con ustedes para futuros trabajos. Gracias! Excelente y talentoso trabajo."

.- Viviana Waich, D.D.S. "Sonrisas Dental Clinic"



"La atencion personalizada, detalle y profesionalismo hicieron de nuestra experiencia con The Lunch Box una que espero repetir muy pronto. Realmente Lunch Box es un LunchBox, es la mejor fotografia, creatividad, excelente disposicion, humor; todo en uno!"

.- Alan Vaisberg



"Recibimos como regalo por el día de la madre y del día del padre, un inusual regalo: "UN PHOTOSHOOT de The Lunch Box" de parte de nuestras hijos y sus familias. Seleccionamos la fecha y el lugar, y ademas de pasar un día maravilloso y buenisimo en familia, nos quedaron unas fotos sensacionales. Elaine y Rodolfo, los fotógrafos, fueron encantadores con nosotros además de estimulantes, creativos, poéticos y muy profesionales. 

Fue una linda experiencia que toda familia debería experimentar."

.- Sylvia Apeloig


"No hay mejor manera de representar una oficina, una familia e incluso una ocasion tan especial como el brit milah de tu hijo que con los maravillosos fotografos de The Lunch Box Studio. En cada trabajo le ponen todo el corazon y eso se refleja en cada una de sus fotos!!!! Son los mejores!!!"

.-Aliza Moshel


"Wow, wow, wow!!!!! Que espectaculo de fotos! Como vamos a escoger dentro de este monton de bellezas? Una mas linda que la otra. De verdad que estamos felices con las fotos y trabajar con ustedes fue delicioso, son unos artistas!"

.- Yael Warman


"My experience at the photo shoot was excellent. I believe the team has a great sense of imagination and creativity. Also, their professionalism was excellent and it was also fun to work with them. They  are responsible and serious individuals. I would highly recommend them to anyone. This was an unforgettable experience to work with them and I will always cherish it. Thank you very much!"

.- Taly M.