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Back in 2011, in parallel with the foundation of the Studio, Elaine & Rodolfo launched The Lunch Box Gallery in the popular Wynwood Art District of Miami. The art space quickly became the favorite spot in Miami fully dedicated to cutting-edge contemporary photography, exhibiting national and international photographers and the latest trends of photography: from conceptual and documentary, to fine art and mixed media photography; all of these styles as subjects of exploration and as discourses about our current world.


The Lunch Box Gallery became acknowledged and received a lot of attention by the press and critics for its outstanding thematic shows and meticulous selection of featured photographers from around the world; revealing thoughtful content and always pursuing the novelty of the art form.











We are also dedicated to find artistic photographers that go from fine art or decorative photography to conceptual, documentary or abstract photography, and adapt to the client's need; for example, any particular photograph to fit an specific space, theme, color and budget, we can definitely find it!


Thanks to all our experience as gallerist/owners, we also have access to a huge network of artist photographers that are currently working on different topics of exploration, sizes and even materials, creating images that can fit in a modern or a more conservative space. Same with a variety of types of mounting and printing, even photographic wallpapers or any other photography-related printing options that we can offer to beautify any room. We can even work with open edition numbers for the art pieces, offering a much more affordable price if any client requires it.

















The team will be happy to find a list of optional images according to any space specifications, at no cost!


For more information, contact us via or our call us to (305) 407-8131.


To see more about our previous shows, please visit our gallery's FACEBOOK page.

Photography & Art: The Lunch Box Gallery.

After almost 3 years, they decided to close de physical space and become art advisors and providers of photography for interior designers, collectors and clients for their homes, offices, apartments, commercial spaces, etc.

Example of works with Interior Designers...

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